Only One…….

Today, the feeling of urgency looms over me, chases me, and has found me.

The status of our world is changing at an alarming rate, one that requires direct attention. The overwhelming debt of our nation, the ever-changing morals of our society, the people of a Nation that have turned their back’s on a supreme God just to name a few.

What then shall we do? Reduce ourselves to the smallness of one, thinking of only ourselves, pretending that all this  will remedy itself?

A man is only as big as His God, but where is God, has He deserted us? Certainly not!

Ok, have you felt this way at all almost as if the weight of the world is upon you, but you can’t figure out what to do about it? The truth is, it starts with only one. One person, one dream to change, one vision, one calling, one life changing event. One is not small at all.

My life changing event took place in 2008. After years of trying to run from my life, the choices I had made and the consequences that followed, I ran into a brick wall. Well, more like the bottom of the barrel. I found myself over medicated with prescription drugs, drinking to top the pain off, and missing out on so much of my life. After searching aimlessly for 34 years, I found God. I always knew who He was, I even went to church, but never really knew that I could have a relationship with Him? Since surrendering my life to Him, I feel the freedom to live, but not for me anymore, for Him. I wake up everyday asking what it is that He wants or needs from me today. But,  I am only one. What can I do to change the course of humanity. To proclaim freedom to the captives?

My heart aches for those that are lost, that do not know the hope of Jesus Christ. My soul yearns to share the love of Christ, to see thousands set free. But how?

I desire to start a place that gives hope to the hurting,  provides shelter to the homeless, and a place for the lost…………..Speak to me God, speak through others if you wish, guide me into understanding of the destiny of my life. 

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